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Big Ideas, small Ideas. Everyone has great ideas but most people don't know what to do with them. If you have an idea and don’t want to do anything with it, this is the place to share. Your idea can inspire entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists to bring new things to the world. It can be anything: a movie or script idea, a product invention, an app, a website, a smart city innovation, eco-friendly creations, improvements on existing products, a new business and new discoveries. This is an idea platform that will possibly allow someone else to bring your idea to life. Don’t share anything that you are planning on creating. All types of ideas are welcome here. Share your ideas below.
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To increase recycling in homes, we must innovate and create a 3D printing household appliance which turns plastic and other waste materials into useful items. For example you could insert 5 plastic water bottles in this appliance to create a coat hanger. This 3D printing appliance should be made available to homeowners for free or for a very low price. It should be able to print many different items that are useful around the house.

I thought of this many years ago, then I tweeted about it in 2019, but it still doesn’t exist. Imagine the world’s biggest shopping mall with all of the best retail stores in VR! You could explore and shop at any store from the comfort of your own home! Walk around and go shopping in a virtual mall.. how cool would that be?

The smart cities of the future use salt water for everyday things like showering and washing dishes. Using the water from the ocean will conserve the fresh water we use for drinking. The pipes and water mains will be made from non-corrosive materials.

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